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A Bus With Students on Board Crashed into a Home in East Columbus

You are currently viewing A Bus With Students on Board Crashed into a Home in East Columbus
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Columbus, Ohio – According to the Columbus Division of Police, a bus crashed into a home in east Columbus on Wednesday.  The emergency crews responded to the crash just before 7 a.m. They were called to the 400 block of N. Monroe Avenue on the report of a bus crash.

The bus crashed into a home while the students were inside the bus, on board. Fortunately enough, police said no injuries were reported.

The video camera showed how the bus got positioned between two homes after the crash.

The police are investigating the crash. Besides the district is doing an investigation on its own, as the spokesperson said.

The investigation features examining the bus and its driver’s action. The spokesperson was interviewed for detailed information, which will support the investigation.

At the moment the information available on the crash in Columbus says there was a mechanical issue with the bus. But the crash requires more investigation.

Destiny Augustine said the bus stopped few inches away from her window. Even though she is grateful nothing serious happened, but it was chaotic.


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