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Honda Discontinues The Fit

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Honda is making major moves during the 2020 year. With motions towards electric cars and optimal fuel efficiency, the company is looking to ax a big name.

The Honda Fit was a popular compact car for many new drivers. It offered the perfect fuel affordability while maintaining a larger-than-normal amount of interior space.

The results aren’t all bad. With the US being the lowest earning for the model, the company has decided that it is not enough and will continue with other projects.

The US market took a liking to the Fit during its release. Unfortunately through the years, it has shown to not be as popular as many other compact cars it is competing against.

The Fit won several awards for its versatility, ride fuel consumption, and safety. With the reliability behind the Honda name, many fans, and new-car-owners alike had something to benefit from the best compact car of the year.

Honda is looking to continue the production and sales of the Fit outside of the US. In Europe, the car is still a hot seller.

For the US market, the Honda team is looking to put further efforts into the Civic. Along with the civic, they are looking to implement better attention to the CRV.

The Fit has been a staple of compact cars since its release. While the direction of most auto makers is shifting towards electric, fuel economy is still hot in the minds of buyers.

If you are looking to purchase one of these cars, you will still be able to buy new for the remainder of 2020. After this year, these cars will be taken off the lot. If you are looking for a reliable car with great gas mileage, safety features and plenty of room, then the Fit is still for you.

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