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Porsche is set to Double Taycan Sales to 40,000 Electric Cars This Year

You are currently viewing Porsche is set to Double Taycan Sales to 40,000 Electric Cars This Year
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Porsche, this year, is set to double Taycan sales to 40,000 units as the electric car becomes an important part of the premier automaker’s lineup. There is a lot of questions about if the Taycan could become a volume electric vehicle before coming to market.

Porsche and Double Taycan Sales

Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle came to the market at a premium price. However, Porsche did see strong demand for it. In fact, early on it raised the production targets in anticipation for as many as 40,000 units per year. Thus making it one of its most significant vehicle programs per volume.

Porsche will Deliver an Electric Car soon

Moreover, it’s just about two years into delivering the electric car and it looks like Porsche is set on track to achieve that. In fact, Porsche just announced that it delivered close to 20,000 Taycans during the whole end of the first half of the year. In fact, the latest member of the model range is considering totally on par with the sports car icon, the 911. It has deliveries of 20,611 with an increase of 22 percent.

Non-SUV Vehicle Moving on up in Sales

In fact, this electric vehicle is fast becoming the most significant non-SUV vehicle in its lineup in terms of sales. Thus, in comparison, the Panamera is the closest vehicle to the Taycan. That would be in terms of size and price. Only 13,633 deliveries were seeing during that specific period. SUVs are the only vehicles in the Porsche lineup outpacing the Taycan. In fact, the Porsche is already delivering 44,050 Cayenne SUVs this year and 43,618 Macan SUVs. Moreover, those vehicle programs are all expecting to become electrified soon. It will start with an electric version of the Macan coming in 2022. The company said it expecting it to sell better than the already popular original Taycan. And these numbers are projected to just go higher.

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