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Man Steals Police Cruiser after Being Revived!

You are currently viewing Man Steals Police Cruiser after Being Revived!
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COLUMBUS, OH – On Friday morning, Police responded to a report of a man overdosing in a residential neighborhood. When the officers arrived to help the man, he was successfully revived. After the man recovered, it quickly turned into a police chase. Delusional and scared, the man stole and crashed a police cruiser.

It was early morning when officers responded to the home on East Gates Street on Columbus’ South Side. Expecting solely to see a man over-dosing and help him, police quickly realized that this man was a danger. Jeremy Davis, 25-years-old, did not respond rationally when he was revived from his state.

Man Runs to Avoid Police

While the paramedics were assisting Davis, officers checked for outstanding warrants. As soon as he Davis awoke, he ran out of the ambulance. He darted for the nearest car, which was an unattended police cruiser, and drove off. Davis crashed the cruiser. Less than two miles away, the car was abandoned and totaled. The location of the crash was East Woodrow Avenue and South Pearl Street.  He then fled on foot.

The Columbus Police Department is still searching for Jeremy Davis. They are asking the public for any possible leads to find Davis’ whereabouts. Davis is a white male, 5 foot 11 inches tall, and has multiple face and neck tattoos. If you see anybody matching this description who is doing something suspicious, you might want to reach out to the police. Of course, this description isn’t exactly a thorough one. We wouldn’t recommend that you just report anybody who matches it.

Officials normally recommend calling a non—emergency line when leaving a tip regarding a criminal. Although, this time officials recommend calling 911 if he is seen, for he might be dangerous. After all, it isn’t a good thing to have a violent criminal just running around.

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