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Rockets for A Semi-Truck Launched It Into A Trailer To For Nuclear Test

Rockets for A Semi-Truck Launched It Into A Trailer To For Nuclear Test

If you’re like – oh, I don’t know – any human being alive, then you too would be nervous to transport nuclear weapons as your cargo. Sandia National Laboratories calls this experiment the largest in two decades. How did they do it? With rockets!

The Rockets Will Be Remembered Fondly

Scientific neat freaks love to dispel all sorts of experiments on trucks. Especially rockets. So why not test that with a semi? So that’s what they did. All summer. Just shoot rockets in the name of science!

This was to make sure that nuclear weapons, however, were safe and sound on their journeys. Which raises an brow to suspicion, by the way.

Sandia National Laboratories made it known earlier in October that this was a big deal.

How did it work?

SNL – the nuke nerds, not the comedy nerds – used rockets to shoot a plain old semi-trucks all the way forward the track. This then would crash it to the hull of the nuclear-weapons-transporter prototype. The test, which would undergo conduction, was safely done without damaging any of the nuclear weapons embargo the cargo.

My thoughts on it?

It’s just major cool that they had a rocket shoot to hit other explosives but also majorly uncomfortable that they did this with the intent to transport nuclear weapons. Like, why do we need more explosives? Is there some ditch full of old E.T. Video Game Cartridges to destroy? I don’t quite completely understand.

However, if this means it makes trucks more indestructible, well then I’m fully on-board. It just miffs me that there isn’t much public description about these events. Then again, who could really watch them with the pandemic going on.

And if things get more militaristic? Well, I suppose the safety here is that no actual accidents can happen on the job.

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