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The Challenges of Car Shipping

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No matter where you ship your car, trust the pros!
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There are many factors that go into shipping a car. Auto transport can be affected by tons of factors, both within and without the control of all parties involved. Columbus Auto Transport is the leading authority on what it takes to ship a vehicle anywhere in the US. Here are some of the factors we consider before shipping your car.

Route planning and troubleshooting

The first pieces of information that we will consider are your starting point and destination. Once we know this, we will begin planning the route our carrier will take with your car. We plan our routes for maximum efficiency and safety on the road.

Route planning is a challenging process because it can be affected by a whole host of external factors. Firstly, we try and find a route to your destination that can accommodate large car carriers. Next, we look at traffic patterns to determine what the quickest route would be. Finally, we check the weather to make sure our optimal route won’t be interrupted by snow or heavy rain. All of these factors help us plan a route that gets you your car as soon as possible.

Scheduling and timing

After we have figured out what route to take, we’ll consider the timing of the transport. Usually, you will have a date and time that you would like your vehicle to arrive by. Our job is to get your car there by that time.

Sometimes, the timing you request will affect our route planning. Traffic and weather patterns change constantly, so we’ll take that into consideration when scheduling. We also have to make sure one of our world-class drivers is available to pick up and drop off your car. Logistics isn’t always easy, but that’s why you trust the professionals!

Security and safety

Finally, it’s time to ship your car! The final piece of the puzzle for us is keeping your car safe and secure while in our care. This means protecting it from the elements, road hazards, and even nefarious people with bad intentions.

This is where Columbus Auto Transport excels. Our drivers are well-trained to protect your car from anything that may come up in transit. They will check on your vehicle every time they stop on the road to ensure it’s still in tip-top shape. And, our drivers know how to keep your car safe from bad actors. With other car shipping companies, you might find that your instinct to wash your car ahead of time was right, as various scrapes and scratches will appear on your car when it reaches its destination. Not with Columbus Auto Transport! We guarantee we will take better care of your car.

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