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How to Determine Which Auto Transport Service to Get

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Here you can see an enclosed truck.
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Do you have a plan to move sometime in 2024? If so, are you planning on moving and using an auto transportation service? If not, you need to! Auto transportation services are the very best thing you need to help make a move much quicker, easier, and stress-free for you! Auto transportation services are the key to allowing you the freedom to move to wherever you want, whenever you want without having to bring the car there yourself. There are a few auto transportation services that are available to you, so you need a guide to understand them. 

The most popular auto transportation service is open air auto transportation. 

Open air auto transportation is done with a truck and trailer that does not have any closed sides. The truck secures the vehicles with various cords and locks so that it is held tightly to the trailer and does not slide right off the truck. This service is the most popular for a few reasons. It offers an extreme amount of security still while offering a less expensive alternative to other forms of auto transportation. Additionally, the service allows for multiple cars to be shipped together. Some trailers are able to transport up to eight vehicles, which means if you have multiple vehicles that need to be shipped, you can do so with open air auto transportation! 

The next main option of auto transportation is enclosed auto transportation. 

Enclosed auto transportation is done with a truck and trailer that is fully enclosed on all sides. The trailer is essentially a room for your vehicle on wheels. This transportation service is best for those wanting to ship more luxurious and/or rare vehicles. The service offers higher protection from things like air, wind, rain, animals, etc while in transport in comparison to open air auto transportation. However, this service is more expensive than open air, so it is usually only done for specialty vehicles. Furthermore, this auto transportation service does not allow for multiple vehicles to be shipped at once. 

Then, there are two different shipping options: door-to-door and expedited.

Both of these shipping options can be done with either auto transportation service. They are both exactly what they sound like, door-to-door allows for a vehicle to be delivered from one door to another, and expedited means we will do everything in our power to safely and securely ship your vehicle as soon as possible. 

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