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What to do Before Shipping Your Car

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Washing your car before shipping it is surprisingly beneficial!
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Auto Shipping is something that can take a lot of preparation and planning to be done properly and safely. Making sure your car is adequately prepared to be shipped can take a lot of time. You want to make sure you do not put your car at risk of any internal or external damage occurring while in transit. While we work hard to keep your vehicle safe and protected when you ship with us, we do still suggest that you follow a few of our suggestions to make sure you can do your part in keeping your car protected.

Firstly, Wash Your Car.

Yes, that is right, wash your car. Washing your car before you have it shipped will give you a better idea of the condition of your car so you will know of any sort of scratches or dents that already are present, prior to shipping. This is important knowledge to know so you can differentiate between any possible scratches or dents that occur while your vehicle is being shipped. To help you remember any damage that is present on your vehicle, we suggest you take pictures.

Secondly, Remove Valuables.

After the outside of your car is ready, you want to get the inside ready. This task is fairly straightforward. You just want to remove any and all valuables that are in your car. This will help avoid the risk of your car being broken into overnight while in transit. This is something you generally want to do anytime your car is parked in one place for a long period of time, so it is just something you definitely want to do before shipping it. You also want to secure anything that is in your car. This will help prevent any interior damage for while the vehicle is in motion. Securing things down will prevent them from moving and hence prevent them from harming anything.

Lastly, Gas Up to a Certain Point

So, you do not actually want to gas up your car per say. You want to make sure you have some gas in your car, but not a full tank. The sweet spot is to have about a quarter of a tank. This will be enough gas for the driver to drive on and off the trailer and do any other small amounts of driving they need to do but keep your car healthy without a full tank sitting for long in your car.

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