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Find and Pay for Parking in Columbus Right From Your Phone

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Do you wish there were a less difficult way to find and pay for parking? A new app could make it easier for Columbus citizens. The app lets users avoid paying with coins or credit cards. Instead, it allows them to find and pay for parking right from their smartphones.

The city announced this morning that about 600 parking meters have been equipped with ParkMobile technology. Residents will be able to pay using the new ParkColumbus app on their smartphones. The launch starts January 22, 2019. Columbus plans to add this mobile payment to all 4,500 parking meters and kiosks starting later next year.

The new app, available here for Android and iPhones, lets customers “skip the meter,” according to Robert Ferrin, Assistant Director for Parking Services with the city of Columbus. Drivers can pay with their phone on the ParkColumbus app instead.

You Can Even Reserve Parking Spots With New App

In addition, customers can reserve a parking spot ahead of time with the new technology.

If drivers want to park immediately, they should look for a ParkMobile zone number on the signs around the meter. Then, they should enter that number into the app, select the time they want to park and start the session.

For reservations, users can utilize the “Reserve Parking” feature, allowing them to find available lots in the area where they’re headed. They can then book reservations and go to the lot when it’s time to park.

Ferrin stated that Columbus is “always looking for innovative ways to alleviate traffic congestion and improve the parking experience.” Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile said that there is already a large base of ParkMobile users around Ohio: “This expansion into Columbus offers more smart parking options for people as they travel around the state.”

What do you think? Will mobile parking apps alleviate parking problems in Columbus? Will you download the new app on your smartphone?

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