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Jeep Wagoneer Likely To Get The Latest Inline-Six Engine

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In case you were not aware, Jeep and parent company Stellantis are dedicated to upping the ante on their SUVs. There is a high-output version of a typical twin-turbo 3.0-liter that is unlike any other engine in the Jeep lineup’s This will be a vehicle that produces about 500 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. Stellantis calls the inline-six engine Hurricane. Both the Jeep and Grand Wagoneer will have a strong utilization of the newest powertrain.

The Wagoneers Will Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Towing specs show that the engine itself costs upwards of about $2,000. Of course, the Hurricane can do more than pound the pavement something heavy. It is also a strong heart for any vehicle that needs to beat out typical V-8 engines, with 392-horsepower and 5.7 liters’ worth of acceleration beyond any stretch of the imagination.

Stellantis says the Hurricane can incorporate enough power to really match the max rating of a 3.0 Liter model of maxed-out capacity. Stellantis believes that the Hurricane is able to reach any product with longitudinal engines. This would be the first of many models that the powertrain is expected to make an appearance in. Surely, this will replace the Hemi V-8s that have long taken residence.

The engine itself can be a major equipper of an online configuration with the choices you would be able to equip with the Jeep Wagoneers. It’s a major deal for Stellantis.

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