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Columbus Crew Makes Do – 1,500 Fans To Watch Live Match

September 3, 2020

COLUMBUS, OH - Columbus Crew Soccer Club allows 1,500 fans in the MAPFRE Stadium as they face FC Cincinnati, Sunday, September 6th.

We're all itching for normalcy. A thankless sensation of arguing with family, leaving the house for a long work day, taking a short intermis .... Read More

Social Justice Demands in Columbus for Blake

August 31, 2020

Demanding social justice, a crowd gathers in downtown Columbus on Sunday.

Continuing the train of protesting for BLM, people are standing in unity with Kenosha.

The unfortunate incident involving Kenosha Police Officer .... Read More

Schools Will Continue With Online Education

July 30, 2020

Columbus, OH - Schools across the state are pushing to continue with online education. As COVID-19 has not shown signs of slowing down for many states within the US, Columbus is looking to continue their efforts to cut down on the spread of the virus.

While the state co .... Read More

“Flavortown” Petition Gains Momentum In Columbus

July 6, 2020

Columbus: OH - A petition to change the name of Columbus to the fictional name of "Flavortown" is gaining more attention than previously thought.

The petition comes amid racial tensions within the US. Many protesters who are speaking out in regards to the deaths of Breon .... Read More

George Floyd Protests End With Pepper Spray

May 29, 2020

Protests over George Floyd have begun to take form across the country. With many individuals searching for justice and reform, state police have been called in as a response to looting.

Tear gas and mace cloud the air as local law enforcement are responding to call acros .... Read More

Police Involved In Shooting Monday Identified

April 29, 2020

After an exchange of gunfire in Columbus on Monday between police officers and an unnamed suspect, the Columbus Police Department released the names of the officers involved.

Columbus PD named Glen Spiekerman, Errich Taylor, and Ross Sturgeon as the three law enforcement .... Read More

Prisons Account For Fifth Of Ohio Outbreak

April 23, 2020

After the adoption of widespread testing, officials found a staggering rate of infection among inmates at Ohio prisons. At one prison, testing revealed 73 percent of the inmates carried the coronavirus.

Once Marion Correctional Institution decided to test everyone at thei .... Read More

Stay At Home Violation Charges Issued

April 3, 2020

90 percent of Americans presently live under stay at home orders. Nearly half of the global population, approximately 4 billion people, are quarantined by their governments in an effort to stem the the spread of covid-19. Only 2 months ago, Ohio had its first Read More

Historic District Landscaping Case Escalates

March 13, 2020

After receiving a citation for landscaping their front yard in a historic district of Columbus, a couple sues the city< .... Read More

Housing Market In Central Ohio Strained

February 21, 2020

A tightening housing market in Central Ohio reduces choice for prospective homebuyers, but sellers benefit from high demand. As a result of the squeezed market, the listing publication Read More

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