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Schools Will Continue With Online Education

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Columbus, OH – Schools across the state are pushing to continue with online education. As COVID-19 has not shown signs of slowing down for many states within the US, Columbus is looking to continue their efforts to cut down on the spread of the virus.

While the state continues to listen to educators, Federal funding for public schools has been threatened by the Trump Administration along with Betsy Devos.

“School is an essential service, and we have kids who are very much at risk when we’re not in session,” says Hilliard Superintendent John Marschhausen. “I have deep concerns about student mental health and the isolation some of our students are experiencing during this COVID-19 crisis. We need to do everything in our power to safely get our kids back in school, even if it is a hybrid model.”

COVID-19 remains as the number one priority for children’s safety. The other side of the spectrum is focusing on children’s mental health during this time.

Schools Provide More Than Education

Schools provide curricular activities that help the community. Many public schools give children the opportunity to better themselves or their living conditions. Many children come from backgrounds with fewer-than-average living situations and the education system provides the ability to leave.

Not everyone believes that returning children to schools will be safe. Many issues come for not only them but for teachers and parents alike. While COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, the thought of it slowing down enough is not here yet.

“We want consistency as much as possible. Right now, as we know, the virus is really calling the shots,” says Groveport Madison Superintendent Garilee Ogden. “The decisions we’re making are twofold — to ensure the safety of our students and staff but also our community at large.”

The virus continues to spread throughout the country. With many cases continuing to surge, it makes it difficult for reopening.

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